Frances Bildner

I paint from my imagination. Much of my work stems from my subconscious and draws inspiration from both the Abstract Expressionists and German Expressionists.


The most important element for me in painting is colour. Everything I want to say is translated through colour and movement. I use colour in quite an emotive way.


I have sold to private collectors, offices and restaurants, and have exhibited in Europe and the United States.


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Artist Exhibitions


  • Berkley Group
  • Cogent Ltd
  • Ashursts
  • Gross Fine Ltd
  • Velenski & co
  • Ask Pizza
  • Arcturas Publishing
  • Michael Joyce Consultants
  • Digital Broadcasting Company Ltd
  • Marylebone Computer Company
  • Rhodes Farm Clinic
  • Mavglen Ld
  • The Art Movement
  • Zebra One
  • Platinum Productions
  • Film Set Nature Boy (BBC Drama Series October 1999)
  • Sound Runnings
  • Mozaique Restaurant
  • Ideal Home International
  • Jardine Consultants
  • Clent Richardson
  • Alpha Group
  • Nick Hewer


New York

  • Tower 49
  • Baccchi Consultants
  • Tony Lee Consultants
  • Columbia University Hospital
  • Illusorio Consultants
  • Bruce Dennis Associates
  • Graham Morris Animation (LA)
  • En Vogue Photographics
  • Lee Elman Investors
  • Stern, Levy &Wiener
  • Ammirati Puris Lintas
  • Viator
  • Benevento Productions


Brit list award finalist for "Best in British Product Design" - November 2nd
Chelsea Arts Club Group Show London - April 2022
Solo show OmniDe London - Feb 2022


Keep Art It Group Show Bristol - Dec 2021
Chelsea Town Hall Art Fair - Oct 2021


Chelsea Town Hall Art Fair


Bristol Arts trail


Miriam Slemensen fine Art Solo Show Buenos Aires


Open Studios Chocolate Factory


Open Studios Chocolate Factory (Paintings and Poetry)


Arusha Gallery Edinburgh group show


Westbury Accountants group show
Moss and Associates solo show
Gallery 27, Cork Sreet, group show


Summer Show Islington Arts Factory


Group Show Islington Arts Factory


PM Gallery Solo Show


Paintings and poetry show at "Seven" Bedford Row
(Joint Showing)


Ben Uri Art Gallery Paintings and Poetry Evening
(Joint Showing)


Awareness Centre Solo Show - Paintings and Poetry
Hampstead Theatre Solo Show - Paintings and Poetry


Art and Vision Solo Show
Candid Arts Centre Group Show


Business Design Centre Islington


Collyer Bristow Group Show
Tucker Turner Kingsley Wood London Solo Show
The Engineer London Solo Show
The Box London Solo Show
The Abbey London Solo Show
Albermarle Gallery Group Show
Collyer Bristow Group Show, London


Babbington House Group Show, Somerset
Ian Mathews M.O.T. Solo Show, London
Albermarle Gallery Group Show, London
Candid Art Gallery Gomm Show, London


Priory An Gallery Summer Show, London
Lauderdale House Two Person Show, London
Artmonsky gallery Bath Art Fair
Candid Art Gallery Group Show, London


Bar Room Bar Solo Show, London


Mosaique Solo Show, London
Ben-Uri Auction


London Lighthouse Solo Show
Sarah Tankel Hause Group Show, London
Atrium Gallery Group Show, London


Mary Lou's Solo Show, New York City
Gagliardi Art Gallery Group Show, London


Gagliardi Art Gallery Group Show, London


SoHo Studio Center Group Show, New York City


Wetherholt Gallery Group Show, Washington D.C.

Pre 1990

Please contact Frances via email for information on exhibitions before 1990.

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Frances Bildner, Artist Statement

The thematic concept of my work is concerned with life in all it's myriad forms.


I am influenced by the German Expressionists and the Abstract Expressionists. I place emphasis on the emotive aspect of the work and,like them, my work is both emotional and immediate.


When I was thirteen years old Sir Charles Wheeler, the past president of the Royal Academy wanted to buy my flower painting, which had won first prize in a competition in East Sussex.


I have been an artist for many years, working in a variety of mediums - paintings, mosaic tables, walls & trays and textiles.


I am a colourist, I love colour in all its variety and paint from my imagination. My paintings are organic. An image may appear on the canvas and will become something - a flower, an abstract, a figure. I don't have a prefixed idea.


I have been lucky in my life to have lived in very exciting colourful places - Buenos Aires, London, New York. These places have had a great influence on my paintings. My work which I have been told adds life to the environment, has been sold to businesses and homes.


Impressions magazine described me as “a passionate and seductive painter, Bildners riotous use of colour affirms this view. The paintings are in definite, almost aggressively joyous, dialogue with the viewer and their presence is hard to ignore.”


New York’s Village Voice declared my work to be “varied and vital enough to renew a jaded spirit”.


I accept commissions and love to paint very large canvases!


I love colour, I love it in its vitality, in its aliveness, in its courage and magnitude, in its fullness and wellness in its darkness and pain.


Colour in its highs and lows, its definition and freedom. I love its childlike, friendly, approachable intensity,its spontaneity and honesty.


For me a world devoid of colour is unimaginable.


I am represented in collections throughout Europe and America.

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