Commission Corporate Artwork

Each space is different and at Frances Bildner Expressive Arts we are well aware that both space and client may want something that stands out in in its individuality and originality. Beautiful Art has transformative powers. Not only does it enhance environments, it adds a strong identity to any business. By customising artworks,businesses also stand out by making a definite statement regarding their brand.


Bespoke, high quality artwork works well for company ambience and draws people into the environment in an uplifting positive manner. Great customised art creates an excellent communicative space for all concerned. We listen carefully to the clients brief from concept to finished product ensuring that it fits the exact bespoke requirements and is well suited to their business.


We have been in the business of fine art for 30 years and have delivered an excellent service and continue to provide this for all our clients.


Please visit the gallery to see further examples.

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